• Social Initiatives

    Economic empowerment, Gender equality, Improving lives and Nurture them early

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    Fundi Women

    Empower Women to become Builders

    Fundi Women is an initiative that was started to empower women to become builders and this is mainly in carpentry and entrepreneurship skills. After facing a lot of challenges on finding reliable employees and failing to find the right mentors and professionals in the wood industrial. We decided to use the internet to teach ourselves on how to make a decent work space for ourselves and other fellow women. After running the business for nearly five years and struggling to find the right people to work with, we discovered that women are dedicated to working but there is a notion that it is a tough industry to get into because it’s male-dominated. We mainly work with single mothers and girls that have an interest in the industry. We have so far put out 40 women and our target is to get 1000 women trained to fill the gap in the market but also to create employment opportunities that are readily available in the market or start a business. This will bring gender equality in the industry that is male dominated and bring economic empowerment for women. From the first group we put out, we have received several requests from companies seeking to employee our women and we are basing on this to have more trainings and seek for support from organizations that’s can support our vision.

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    Skills For The Future

    Wisdom of the Little hands

    Skills For The Future initiative works is on a mission to unleash the creativity of children in Uganda and to teach them to become change makers and critical thinkers for a better, employable future. With new, innovative training programs and models for learning, we help children to develop the knowledge, skills, and technical competencies that drive innovation and lead to better lives for the good of all society. This project mainly focuses on the kids from our women workforce and those who parents choose to explore them to this kind of creativity.

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    Weave Project

    Kasese Landmine Victims

    This project is based in western Uganda Kasese district. We are committed to bringing development and improve livelihoods of those affected by landmines during the 1995 Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). We have trained over 168 survivors on how to make banana fibre a useful product that can be used by the furniture and basket making industry.

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    A Million of Trees

    Each Log for a tree

    This is a project we started before we become a furniture business. After realising that people cut trees for charcoal, we decided to give timber a second life with our products. We work with forest owners, timber suppliers and communities to replant. We thrive to be an example to the people we work with. We have so planted 600,000 trees in different parts of the country through our suppliers and communities.