• Why we exist

    A Woman's Passion and Dream

    Evelyn Zalwango a princess from Buganda kingdom, is a driven businesswoman in Kampala, Uganda. She is the CEO of V Interiors Limited with over 35 employees and 50% women. She studied IT at university and has a diploma in Carpentry and interior design, but followed passion into carpentry due to inspiration from her grandfather. She won the Women 4 Women Award for Best Businesswoman in Uganda in 2018. She is a Fellow through the U.S. Dept. of State Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business in 2015 and subsequently served as President of the Uganda YALI Fellow Chapter from 2016-2017. She has extensive media recognition and brand awareness internationally, regionally, and locally on CNN, CCTV, Notre Dame and TRT World.

    Evelyn is working with landmine victims in western Uganda to give them a better life. She has offered them the project of weaving banana-fibre ropes so people with limited mobility could support themselves in a place where most work is manual labor.

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    Fundi Women

    We Empower Women to become Builders

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    Fundi Women is an initiative that empowers women to become builders to bring economic empowerment and gender equality in an industry that is male dominated. We mainly work with marginalized and at-risk young girls and women, focusing more on those that’s have survived trafficking and early pregnancy. We have so far put out 20 women and our target is to get 40 women trained every year for the next 5 years to fill the gap in the market but also to create employment opportunities that are readily available in the market or start a business.